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Freedom of Movement

During a subjective examination at my clinic one of the major issues in what people present is a distinct lack of free movement within their lives. Clients are often office or car bound or have jobs which involve always leaning/bending forward and or holding tools in front of them. I guess this is not a normal trait for humans, well not in our long existence! We hunted, gathered and walked many miles until about 3000 BC when the agricultural revolution kicked in and suddenly, we are bent over staring and digging at the soil and at the same time depleting our wide varied diet. (anyway, that’s a whole other story).

We find ourselves limiting range of motion and weakening essential muscles and taking away proprioceptive and automatic decision-making processes within the body. One of the only therapists I know that looks and focuses on this freedom of movement is Joe Kelly. visit his site here ( Joe runs classes and individual sessions that are fun and filled with games and activities that take your body to the extremes or should rather be our norms.

My job is to diagnose and to treat the initial issue and give corrective exercise to prevent, for now the injury re occurring. If then people could make the changes in their life and become hunter gatherers, then a likely re-injury or issue would probably never re-occur. (although they would probably become very hungry hahaha!!!!). So, the other option is to start moving as much as possible like in Joe's classes or in other activities that you may enjoy to support your body. In a few weeks I will put a list together of many great local activities and classes you could look to get involved with.

Lets get stronger together!

See you on the couch


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