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Local Movement Experts

Continuing on from my last blog about freedom of movement and it’s importance to our long term health and wellbeing, I am going to share great movers in our local area.

These are people and places I have had experience with and totally respect their work.

Below is list, link and a brief description of their activities:

Joe Kelly

Joe provides fun classes and one to one session’s involving challenging activities aimed at creating a multitude of movement patterns and subconscious decisions whilst enjoying a great workout. Joe can also highlight specific movement issues and correct them making you a much more capable athlete or just to cope better with the demands of life.

Check out his brilliant website below:

Kyle Perkins

Kyle is a Parkour coach with loads of experience and is perfect at inspiring young and old to use their bodies with less fear and play around with what any landscape has to offer. I have watched Kyle teach many people and have taken part in a few sessions. Kyle's sessions allow you to feel a flow in your body and its capabilities and a want to engage with your surrounds. This is just what you want in order to start having fun with your body again!

Check him out below:

Ceri Rees

Ceri is a long-distance endurance athlete an experienced upland and mountain marathon runner/trail runner, with an in-depth knowledge of Dartmoor National Park and most of South Devon trails. Ceri has won the Grizzly race 4 times! and is the director of Wild running up. Ceri does one to one running sessions and weekly group sessions plus puts on running festivals and wild swim and run events. All the trails are set in our wonderful local area and will make you move through the beautiful countryside. If you’re looking to get into running or enhancing your running community then look no further.

Check him out below:

Dart rock climbing wall

Dart Rock is a great place to climb and has something for all abilities. The instructors are friendly and have helped myself and more so my 6 year old son gain enjoyment and self of achievement from climbing. This is a great way to build confidence in your body and test your limits whilst also building great core strength and developing a strong and healthy body.

Dart Rock have a local climbing wall and do activities out on the moor also.

Check them out below:

If your intrested then try some of these out and I am sure you will have a positive experiance.

Thats all for now

See you on the couch.

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